Legends Invitational VII

Date: 1 October 2018 from 19:00.


  • 8 Pools of 3, with top 2 in each pool qualifying for Round of 16.
  • Best of 3 sets until Round of 16, then best of 5 sets from quarterfinals for winners bracket only.
  • 24 players only.
  • The top 8 seeds are seeded into the 8 different pools. The next 8 will be rearranged within their bracket to avoid affiliation clashes. The same for the last 8. This means that players from the same teams will not be pooled together in the round robins.

Entry: R60 per person

Qualification criteria:

  • Minimum FIVE events (up from three) from previous Legends (IVC matches, Super Series, weekly social / premier competitions)
  • Minimum THREE premier divisions OR Super Series legs.
  • Top third of each SCMI qualifies (3 for 8 entries, 4 for 12 entries, 5 for 16 entries, 7 for 20 entries, 8 for 24 entries).
  • Winner from each Super Series leg qualifies. For legs with 12 or more players, two players qualify, and one additional player for every 4 players thereafter.
  • CHAL A and CHAL B from GNTTB leagues must have played three Super Series legs to qualify (not five events total).